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 Rules outside of the track

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PostSubject: Rules outside of the track   Fri 12 Aug 2011 - 16:26

1st Why trips are evaluated

There are several reasons why it is prohibited to ride off the track. The first of these are general rules in the real races. They define the concept of the track and the correct way to get around it.
Another reason, though derived from the preceding is to provide all participants with equal opportunities race by strict definition of the permitted area, after which the car can move.
In a real race horse off the track is usually unprofitable and dangerous. Driving on grass alone can seriously damage the suspension. In the simulations, this aspect is not very well put. Not wanting to accuse of wanting to use this fact, it is sufficient to note that non-existent concern about damage to the vehicle allows for bolder departure of outside track.

Since the departure of outside track time gives the potential profit, it is prosecuted ex officio on the basis of provisions in the rules of leagues.

2nd Definition of track

The racetrack is a strip of asphalt or concrete roadway reduced lines, curb to curb, "grill" or uncured shoulder.

Picture first The area does not belong to the track is colored red

Please note that the lines are included in the track.
Curbs, curbs and other items appearing on the race track to the track does not belong.
Some surface located between the line and Kerb and other elements - also not part of the track

Picture 2 Up close, from left: the surface off the track, grater, Kerb, asphalt line

Lines usually are white. Sometimes there are yellow.

Kerby and graters Why do not belong to the track? I just do not belong. These elements are used to increase security in the joints between the roadway and the unpaved road surface located on both sides of the road. It must therefore be regarded as graters and Kerby safety zone - not as part of the track, which can be used for normal driving. And as you can see in the picture a place to ride a lot.

3rd The correct passage

For normal driving on the racetrack is considered one in which the duration of the lap, the vehicle remains on the track at least two wheels belonging to one side of the vehicle.

4th Interpretation and evaluation

Every trip outside of the track is regarded as an intentional default. However, there are mitigating circumstances, be taken into account when assessing departure.

Picture 3rd Illegal extension

The trip is considered acceptable outside of the track where the driver:
• avoids the vehicles involved in collisions
• he is a participant in a collision
• is pushed by another vehicle
• leaves the track in order to facilitate travel to other vehicles (eg, dublującym)
• went off the track due to their error and clearly lost time

A clear waste of time is one that is visible "naked eye" by the referee assessor. These include the so-called best. 'The beets go "as well as the passage in which the car" dance "on the high Kerbach or fall in uślizg during cornering.
Certainly will not be considered "justified" ride off the track where the driver has pressed the gas pedal to the floor.

If this happens to go off the track, what can make it during the fight, you should immediately let go of gas and CLEARLY. Gas remission time is not defined, but usually will last about 0.5 sec - 1 sec, depending on the type of offense (additional departure from the bend or shear).

4th Image Typical shear

Forgiveness of gas must be visible to the evaluator and the judge can not leave doubts as to profit from such a journey.
In other words, the forgiveness of gas at 0.5 seconds in the miter chicane and gain about 2 seconds, will be considered as insufficient. At the same assessment is the evaluation of a judge.
Therefore, the driver who commits an exit off the track must take care of itself sufficient just satisfaction and unambiguous.

A special case is the forgiveness of gas, in which remission occurs before to take the outside lane. An example might be overshoot the braking point or submission in August in the wrong corner. Consequently, the driver must let go of the gas or brake even in a place where the flawless ride jechałby much faster. While the loss of time due to a mistake is sufficiently clear and explicit, it will also be taken as an aspect of justifying the trip off the track.

These exceptions are not taken into consideration if you go off the track the driver has gained the position of another driver, which directly led the fight. In this situation, the position should be immediately given. Otherwise, the player can expect a much more serious penalty of disqualification, inclusive. Punishment for this offense define the rules of the various racing series.

5th Summary

Each trip is treated the same way - as a violation of a provision rules. It does not matter whether the vehicle is moved outside a permitted path 2cm and 20cm. There is a ban on driving off the track and he should remember that every driver.

4th Image It is also illegal departure

There are racing situations that justify departures. However, the final evaluation is to judge and it is second to none. For this reason, you should try to ride the whole distance race cleanly, within the limit of the track. But when it comes to travel, make every effort to judge will have no problem with the acquittal.
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Rules outside of the track
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