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FibersServerSettingsV1.0 Downlo10
Now Updated with a DC HUB
Program you need is DC++ http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/
First add favorite then paste write in hub name then paste in this link dchub:tt.servegame.com:411 on adress then ok.
Share size min is xxx

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PostSubject: FibersServerSettingsV1.0   FibersServerSettingsV1.0 I_icon_minitimeWed 21 Jul 2010 - 11:58

This Multiplayer settings allow servers to load faster in restarts and betwen sessions
This settings allow servers to go up to 250 fps faster to not make stupid delays in restart of races

Setttings you must adjust edit in the multplayer ini file is Open on note pad !

Lobby Chat Nickname="" // Nickname to use in Lobby Chat, if this is blank player name will be used
Default Game Name="" // Name of last multiplayer game we hosted
Max Data Per Client="128" // if desired, a per-client upload limit (in kbps) will be used if lower than the computed throttle rate
SuperAdminPassword="" // Chat "/admin " to become super-admin. Super-admins are secret and can change the regular admin password with "/apwd " (which also removes all current regular admin control).
Admin Password="" // Chat "/admin " to become admin (make sure admin and super-admin passwords are different). Exit or chat "/admin" to become non-admin. One super-admin plus three regular admins are now allowed.

Dedicated Target Rate="250" // Target sampling rate for dedicated server (higher #s reduce latency slightly but increase CPU usage)

IN PLR File the username You host server with edit
Run Warmup="1" if yu wanna use warmup if direct to start after Q set this to 0
all MULTI means what your server do online this settings is also need to edit so server do as you want !

Take and test what happend when you edit in PLR

[ Race Conditions ]
Run Practice1="1"
Run Practice2="0"
Run Practice3="0"
Run Practice4="0"
Run Qualify="1"
Run Warmup="1"
Race Timer="3600" // Seconds between displaying time remaining in race other than 1/5/10/30 minutes (zero disables)
Recon Pit Open="300" // Time that pits remain open for recon laps (real-life is 900 seconds)
Recon Pit Closed="150" // Time that pits are closed before formation lap (real-life is 900 seconds)
Recon Timer="1" // Whether timer is displayed in message box
Double File Override="-1" // Whether restarts can be converted to double file (-1=use RFM default, 0=no, 1 =minimum laps left to restart double-file)
Lucky Dog Override="3" // Where lucky dog is applied (-1=use RFM default, 0=nowhere, 1=ovals, 2=road courses, 3=everywhere)
QUICK Reconnaissance="0" // Reconnaissance laps
MULTI Reconnaissance="0"
QUICK Grid Walkthrough="0" // Cinematic walkthrough of vehicles before race
MULTI Grid Walkthrough="0"
QUICK Formation Lap="3" // 0=standing start, 1=formation lap & standing start, 2=lap behind safety car & rolling start, 3=use track default, 4=fast rolling start
MULTI Formation Lap="0"
Force Formation="0" // if Formation Lap is Use Track Default, add the following to force: 1=standing start formations on, 2=standing formations off, 4=rolling start formations on, 8=rolling formations off
QUICK Safety Car Collidable="1" // Whether safety car is collidable
MULTI Safety Car Collidable="1"
QUICK Safety Car Thresh="1.00000" // Threshold for bringing out safety car (lower numbers -> more full-course yellows), please note that there are now RFM multipliers for this value
MULTI Safety Car Thresh="1.00000"
Adjust Frozen Order="1.00000" // Moves vehicles down the frozen track order under the safety car if they are causing the yellow and being passed. 0.0=off, 0.1-0.9=apply liberally, 1.0 =apply conservatively
QUICK Flag Rules="2" // Level of rule enforcement, 0=none, 1=penalties only, 2=penalties & full-course yellows
MULTI Flag Rules="1"
QUICK BlueFlags="7" // 0=none, 1=show but never penalize, 2=show and penalize if following within 0.3 seconds, 3=0.5s, 4=0.7s, 5=0.9s, 6=1.1s, 7=use RFM value "BlueFlags=<0-6>" (default is 3)
MULTI BlueFlags="7"
QUICK Weather="0" // Random/season/sunny/etc.
MULTI Weather="0"
QUICK TimeScaledWeather="1" // Whether weather time is scaled with session length
MULTI TimeScaledWeather="1"
Practice1StartingTime="-2" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight
QualifyingStartingTime="-2" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight
WarmupStartingTime="-2" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight
QUICK RaceStartingTime="-2" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight to start race
MULTI RaceStartingTime="-2"
QUICK RaceTimeScale="60" // -1 = use race distance percentage, 0 - 60 = multiply time by given factor
MULTI RaceTimeScale="15"
QUICK PrivateQualifying="2" // 0=all cars qualify visibly on track together, 1=only one car is visible at a time, 2=use default from RFM, season, or track entry PrivateQualifying=<0 or 1>
MULTI PrivateQualifying="2"
QUICK ParcFerme="0" // 0=off, 1=no setup changes allowed between qual and race except for 'Free Settings'), 2=same unless rain, 3=use RFM default 'ParcFerme=<0-2>'
MULTI ParcFerme="0"

For the % upload to each driver i still not have get sucess to set so i minimize upload
Fibers servers take 1% per driver in upload on dedicated speed fiber servers have is 100/20 MB

GL happy testing

Storegate Download http://tinyurl.com/36b6g5l

FibersServerSettingsV1.0 Hostservers

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PostSubject: Re: FibersServerSettingsV1.0   FibersServerSettingsV1.0 I_icon_minitimeWed 29 Jun 2011 - 23:43

so how u host 2 server on 1 vps?
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PostSubject: Re: FibersServerSettingsV1.0   FibersServerSettingsV1.0 I_icon_minitimeThu 30 Jun 2011 - 17:19

I use my pc 1 too race with self then i host servers on pc 2 i start port 34448 end port 34460 then on port 2 start 34298 end 34310 port 3 start 34398 end 34410 if do so i need open 3 ports only but i can host 12 server ! but the servers can not be joined by ip servers can only be joined from lobby list in rfactor !!

host 2 server in 1 vps you must mean with vps one rfactor installation ?
just copy the dedicated server rename it to server 2 or something and start that too pick another username you have in userdata to host server 2 with and best pick another mod and tracks then it is no collide

i looka ahwt vps it is Virtual private server i have not test that but i think that is some renting server thing that use that i seen some leauge have prb when they rent vps servers becaus it is a virtual server and why host servers when all have own pc to use to host with limit max data if have low upload speed test set 56 64 96 128 use custom so you can max drivers and test tell friends to join server and see when upoad get 80% how many yuor server can handle over 80 % upload in dedicated server is not good
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PostSubject: Re: FibersServerSettingsV1.0   FibersServerSettingsV1.0 I_icon_minitime

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