Alert join a TT server TT servers is hosted from Sweden ,that means that drivers far away can have little high ping.

That can be a problem for servers and other drivers on server, so look in chat write /ping then you see your in ping.

Over 250 in ping can be a problem so close other programs , like torrent programs, because ping can be sky high when
use all kinds of programs that allow uploads from a user.

To fix that high ping you can close all other programs only have rfactor on.

Or let for example torrent program be on BUT strangle upload to 10 KB then and see if your in ping gets lower,or ask a driver in the chat if you get lower ping.

To see your in ping write /ping in the chat , see others ping and usernames klick TAB.

In races klick off TAB because see all drivers ping can get you lower FPS to see FPS=framerate klick Frames per second CTRL F.

If a admin on server see that high ping and tell you to fix it and you not listen be prepared that admin maybe kick you out but before that hea say low your ping or fix your ping.

A great tweak that helps to avoid laggy drivers is open multiplayer ini file with wordpad.

Edit Max Data Per Client="9999" to 256 or 128 TT servers use 256

Max Data Per Client="256" then close file over write it say klick ok .
After start rfactor and  join a SERVER  you now have high ping on and see the difference no more laggy cars Very Happy

This edit also helps when host servers to not drain the upload speed.

If you host a dedicated.

Thank you for reading this.