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 Mirroring in racing

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PostSubject: Mirroring in racing   Mirroring in racing I_icon_minitimeFri 12 Aug 2011 - 17:31

As in any sport, and here we meet the players better and worse. But the division can also be performed on the faster and those who drive slower. One division does not preclude the other. But the difference in lap times translate into a change of position of cars on the track against each other.

1 Introduction

As in any sport, and here we meet the players better and worse. But the division can also be performed on the faster and those who drive slower. One division does not preclude the other. But the difference in lap times translate into a change of position of cars on the track against each other.

In the races, so in reality and in simracing'u happens - and it is not uncommon - that we see the player before him, departing from our lap on lap, when after iluśtam laps, he also appears in the mirror. This means that any moment now we will see a mirror.

Video 1

In this chapter we will explain what it is duplicated and present on the basis of a few typical situations how to behave in such a situation.
Mirroring is the overtaking maneuver, in which the overtaking driver has scored more laps than the driver to be overtaken. How can these things be? Generally, there are two situations that can lead to that. But in all cases the basic assumption is that we are dealing with a closed circuit on which to ride many laps in one race.
In the first place that comes to mind a situation where a car is faster than the other. So fast that when the race is able to make up for the whole lap on the second car, appearing behind him.
Warning! Keep in mind that there must be due to the difference in skills of drivers. In some racing series, are admitted to the race cars of various classes. An example of a series of let him be the FIA ​​GT class in which the competitors GT1 and GT2 at the same time. There would also be in long distance races such as LeMans 24. Here, not only takes off a lot more classes, but there is greater variation for performance cars. It becomes so natural that the weaker cars will dogonione and overtaken by the faster. And many times during the race.

The second situation may arise due to different strategies downhill into the pits, or unscheduled meetings because of the penalties imposed or charged to damage. Each descent into the pits takes quite a lot of time in comparison with the lap time. Along with the repair zone, stay in the pits can take over a minute. In this situation very easily can lead to a situation where the adversary with whom we have just fought for position, made up for one lap.

2 The behavior of duplicate

This paragraph was to be initially placed on the description of behavior mirrored. But I came to the conclusion that nobody would read it. I can already see some smiles. "What is the problem: pedal to the metal, lights, wipers, horn, and if this persists slower - to the sand with it."

Well, unfortunately, is not so colorful. And now the judges were not once what to do, judging similar events.

Please keep in mind that this is what's ahead of a potential threat. He needs to find a good time to maneuver, and he is responsible for its safe conduct. In the end, he sees everything in front as opposed to overtaking, behind which the world is enclosed in square centimeters parunastu rear-view mirror. This also applies to duplication, which is nothing like overtaking other vehicles on the track. But with this proviso that the mirror has a duty to resign as soon as possible. And this note to duplicate

pass as soon as possible does not pass immediately

Therefore, if the mirror does not forgive, do not attack him ... in the trunk. It is possible that dublujący has a problem with this place by car and the track can not let go. And that simply can not know who is behind him, and his bandmates are reluctant to inform him by radio.

So let's get back to the question: how to duplicate.
Many auto racing series was left of their "inherent" features which are headlights. Some cars are also mounted strobe lights, more visible in the mirror. These lights can even be used to inform drivers of their wish to duplication. Video Clips Video 1 and 2 show the driver a series of duplications GT1 GT2 car series.

Video 2

Here, the second note:
does not signal lights to someone sitting on the tail, especially while cornering.

The reason is simple. The driver of these lights in front of us just do not notice it. This is a rear view what he has. And also the angle between the light beam that is tangential to the arc of the bend, nohow not wanting to bend so as to fall through the glass back to the preceding car. Figure 1 shows the situation when trying to signal lights dublujący desire duplication in the corner now. As you can see the driver of the vehicle mirror is unlikely to see light in the rearview mirror. All the more that will surely focus on that to survive the next turn.

Mirroring in racing Dublowanie5
And another picture - picture 2 shows set two cars against each other in terms of distances. Because of light vehicles are not set to report on his flying vehicle position, the light beam spreads out horizontally at the most and down. For this reason, the driver before the car has no chance to see the lights on the back of a moving car if the distance between autami is too small.
For this reason, warn nadjeżdżaniu duplication and willingness to be early enough.

Mirroring in racing Dublowanie6
Picture 2

In addition, flashing lights, tearing requires at least one finger and put it on the button. The corners may be dangerous and even though belief in ability, can lead to nieczekanych results.

So the warning lights should be from a distance by which the signals will notice the mirror will be able to set the August, allowing dublującemu an overtaking maneuver.

3 The behavior mirrored.

The basic rule in all sports is to preserve the fair. To make it easier for us to be 'fair', sports organizations, write regulations, which govern the different aspects - such as penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Another principle that rules of motor racing introduced, is waving colored flags ( a detailed description of flags used in racing ). In our case, an interesting color is blue. A driver seeing a blue flag should pay attention to the situation for his car. The high degree of probability for the follower vehicle is to duplicate items.
Mirroring in racing 9

There are three basic rules you should observe the mirror:

- Do not fight dublującym
- Does not cause a slowdown in duplicate
- Allow dublującemu as easy as possible ahead

These assumptions result from a simple observation: if someone was able to catch up with you, making up lap is so fast that, and so you will sooner or later overtake. However, locking it create additional and unnecessary risk. Stopping it and so do not change their position because they still lose at least one lap. However, if the blocking of other reasons, for example, in order to facilitate another player from the team to gain time, it will be classified by a committee of judges as unsportsmanlike conduct and will surely be punished.

Note, however, that the blue flag does not mean an immediate need for passing. Rather, informed of the situation, leaving implementation to the driver. Why? Therefore, the situations on the track are not always clear. The flag can be shown to someone else, he could be mistaken for waving or waving his colleague in the stands. In particular, there be a situation where even though we have had someone to duplicate items, we are able to go faster after a while, leave it "behind". Such a situation may happen after leaving the pits when the candidate for the mirror he was leaving the pits right in front of another driver who has gained the status of the duplicate. Probably the first driver will be shown the blue flag. However, in contrast to the car behind him, his car has founded new tires, so after a short time is able to dismiss the distance of the non-slow ride on the back of the car.

If, however, mirrored the driver must pass a slower vehicle approaching from behind.
As each overtaking maneuver and this is one of the most difficult. Especially the one usually deals with large differences in the speed and specifications of cars (different braking distances, speed in curves, etc.) and perhaps even different skills of drivers.

3.1 How to give a double Aug.

First of all you must do so safely. If possible, try not lead to a deceleration duplicate. On the other hand, you should not pass lightly. Resort to panic grass, firing through the corners, pressing the brake on straight when dublujący "sitting on the tail" is not the correct solution. This is not a joke. Inexperienced drivers just as August is often react, causing dangerous situations, often leading to the accident.

Passing should be taken as one of the tactical elements that are composed of the race. While the initiative belongs to the mirror, he has a chance to not lose too much time. If it plays poorly, at best, only lose time. Worse if you lose the position or lead to a collision. It turns out that the mirror is given in August is not so easy thing. It should be able to quickly assess the situation and make the most of the configuration of the track. For this purpose, it is good to keep track of who's constantly behind. This will enable early preparation for the maneuver duplication.

Do not be too long with this "preparation tactics." This can infuriate a faster driver. Because we consider that the rear-end impact is more dangerous, easily conclude that it is not worth teasing the wolf.

I suggest also refer to several methods for passing maneuver. While in fact they are heavily dependent on the nature of the track that's for sure those described below may be counted in the safest and surest.

3.2 Releasing on line 1

It is easiest to perform the maneuver. Despite this, it requires rethinking the situation.
The situation is as follows.

1st The vehicle mirror and dublujący approaching a bend, behind which is simple
2nd both vehicles pass their turn after passing the optimal paths
3rd Both vehicles go on the optimal paths
4th dublujący set to pre-position (adjacent lane)
5th mirrored forgives gas (usually per second is sufficient)
6th dublujący ahead, set to his best line to the next turn

Mirroring in racing Dublowanie1

Video 3

There should be stipulated that it is unacceptable to the forgiveness of the gas or the more braking when dublujący is located behind a preceding car. In the best case lead to the entry in the boot. At worst, it can result in spin cars, meeting with the band and the end of the race for both participants. Being mirrored in the race can still receive the bonus in the form of punishment.
It should also be careful that the forgiveness of gas was done in a safe way for himself. Coming out of corner speed auto has a large and significant lateral momentum (mass transfer). Depending on the type of car and its settings, the sudden release of gas can cause an imbalance in the vehicle and even to the spina.

3.3 Releasing on line 2

Modification of the method is mirrored on a straight downhill from the line of travel. Hence:
1st The vehicle mirror and dublujący approaching a bend, behind which is simple
2nd both vehicles pass their turn after passing the optimal paths
3rd Both vehicles go on optimal paths, but their distance is large enough
4th mirror pulls to the adjacent lane and forgives gas
5th dublujący ahead, set to his best line to the next turn
6th Mirrored pulls for dublującym also preparing for the next arc

Mirroring in racing Dublowanie2

Video 4

This method is not recommended, therefore, pointed piece of step 3 The disadvantage is that it takes the initiative dublującemu. And keep in mind that he should decide when and how will ahead. It may happen that both drivers will want to come to an adjacent lane. Dublujący will attempt to execute the maneuver described in the previous paragraph and thus steers into the adjacent lane, holding the gas in the floor. Mirrored drive will change the path in the same way even releasing the gas. The consequences do not need to mention.
This maneuver is therefore recommended only in situations where it can be done safely. And here is the greater distance required between autami to the rear had time to react. It is best if the best exit line, the mirror driver when the car performs as it still did not come completely out of the corner. This allows the driver of the latter will not lose time and balance the car.

3.4 Releasing the exit of turn

Another way to ensure fluent dublującemu driver ahead is to maintain "internal" at the exit of the bend. Hence:

1st The vehicle mirror and dublujący approaching the bend behind which is a simple
2nd both vehicles entering a corner after their optimal paths pass
3rd mirrored on the inside comes out and dublujący the optimal path
4th both go full gas, but because dublujący had more optimal exit mirror effortlessly overtake
5th Mirrored after overtaking set for dublującym on his best line

Mirroring in racing Dublowanie3

Video 5

This maneuver has two drawbacks. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain in the corner all the time on the inside. You have to be able to slow down in the corner so as not to bounce from apeksu crossing earlier plans. The second condition for the correct course of this maneuver is a safe distance between two cars. When too close, the first car can become a serious obstacle because of increased braking to apeksu.

3.5 Releasing the corner

This method requires a longer experience of both drivers involved overtaking. First, it is time to rip, and the distance between autami must be minimal. Secondly, the mirror will choose an optimal way beyond the line passing the bend, and therefore more difficult to maintain the road. In addition, not every corner can be used for this maneuver. The longer the more time you turn the mirror loses. The shorter - the smaller the margin of error and maneuver may possibly fail.
Additionally required is adequate space for two cars passed. As if this place is always physically, but with such high speeds and small field of view, subjectively it very shrinks.

The progress of this maneuver is as follows
1st The vehicle mirror and dublujący approaching the bend behind which is a simple
2nd mirrored falls in the corner wide and remains on the outside corner
3rd dublujący enter the optimal path still ahead of the curve mirror
4th dublujący overlooks the optimal path
5th mirrored on the outer leaves, but for dublującym.

Mirroring in racing Dublowanie4

Video 6

As previously mentioned, this is a good way to get rid of duplicate of the tail when he goes in direct distance behind the preceding car.

3.6 pass through more redundant

In the race it may happen that the mirror will hunt down two or more cars. In addition, they will fight each other. In this case complicates the issue in August. The trick is not to let go of one understudy. but two or three are no longer a simple matter.

First of all, realize that the more cars let go the more time we lose. The second aspect is the choice of how passing. As a rule, should not bother passing in turn, described in Section 3.5 Most of the corners is too short in order to pass more than one car. On the other - longer (eg Parabolica at Monza) is achieved generally higher speeds by reducing the margin of error. In this case, the maneuver may be too dangerous. For example Parabolic the heat of battle one of the cars duplications can easily make a mistake and therefore did not fit tightly on the inside. As a consequence, the collision will probably mirror the car moving on the outer side of the arc of dublującym. Of course, the wine will be on the duplicate ... but what if it can finish the race both drivers?

Blowing on the line is possible, but probably mirrored the driver will lose a lot of time letting go of more than one car. Additional danger lurks in the form of long distance and speed difference between autami of duplication and the mirror. You may find that space on the mirror is missing. then can lead to conflict with the invasion of your next turn. Consequently, either one of the drivers after the race he will claim that it slowed the impossible fight with your opponent, or will claim that it "Discarded" in the sand as a result of the collision.

Analyzing the above-described cases, the most appropriate way to pass more than one car it seems that at the exit of turn. But of course it should not be taken for granted. decision should always take in account the situation on the track, the spacing and configuration autami the track section.

4 Lapped me what to do?

This question is unambiguous answer. Go on their own. The most important thing is racing to get to the finish line. And most importantly - as long as we go, anything can happen. Therefore, it is worth going to end.
In addition, we go there to experience thrilling moments, check your skills but also learn.

Also note that in some racing series have to cross the minimum number of laps. It is usually expressed in terms of% amount of laps that the winner will travel. This means that the driver and still has mirrored what to do - should give everything not to lose more laps. otherwise it will not be classified.

4.1 Oddublowanie

However, there is also a chance to make up lost laps. Well, maybe exaggerated - lap.

As I wrote at the beginning of this article, sometimes the driver can be duplicated because of the tactics exits to the pits. When we consider that in all the cars wear out tires, fuel and even slowly, "leaves" which forces the car to exit the car to the pits. After returning to the track, cars can no longer be such an advantage and even get back on track on the same lap on which the vehicle is doubled. This provides a potential opportunity to fight for a position at least to reduce losses in the laps.

Next are a series of racing that is even easier oddublowanie. This is an American NASCAR series. This allows you to recover duplicate laps by drivers in the event of notice of yellow flags.

Mirroring in racing Dublowanie7
Figure 8

During the resumption of the race car on the leading lap set on the outer side of the arc (Nascar races usually take place on oval tracks.) But the cars that are to one lap less, that were once duplicated, set in a row on the inner arc. Thus after reaching the first turn have a chance to escape before the peloton. Later in the race, unless it will double again in August, they have a chance to fight for positions.

Figure 8 shows the situation after the announcement oddublowania green flag after neutralization of the track (yellow flag)

1st Mirrored sets in August on the inner side of the track when the other drivers on the outside
2nd mirrored the arc of shorter stays, so has the opportunity to go for an optimal line passing
3rd was doubled in August from the rate. It was left to chase his tail or pray out about the next yellow flag which is set by the end of the pack

5th End

In conclusion, we point out that the mirror is one of the most dangerous maneuvers. How to not look at it is overtaking. Additionally, in this particular case the driver may have to deal with large differences in speed and also the different skills of drivers. All this makes this maneuver depends on many factors, where the principal is the ability to predictable behavior on the track - a precondition to pass the checkered flag.
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Mirroring in racing
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