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 Controllers in simracing

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PostSubject: Controllers in simracing   Fri 12 Aug 2011 - 16:31


In each video game we have the ability to influence the course of action. In the figure we FPP shooter, aim, shoot, reload weapons, crawl, etc. And in a racing simulator we have in some way to drive a car.
Apart from the exotic controllers (such as VR gloves, trackballs, etc.), we can - at least in theory - be used for this purpose the following devices:
- Keyboard
- Mouse
- Gamepad,
- Joystick
- Wheel and pedals.

Immediately I have to disappoint some of you - we will not discuss issues such as: "whether rakes are suitable for styling hair?". In fact, at high dozie self-denial, one could comb rake, but who in their right mind would do it, since the invention of something like a comb? So you will not find here a "scientific" argument about why the keyboard and mouse are not suitable to control the car in a realistic racing simulator. Simply because of the damage here on the argument.
Do not drive a car keyboard? But you can ... as much as you can to rake comb.

As for the gamepad and joystick - there is a fairly debatable matter, because these devices are, after all analog axes - X and Y theory, would be suitable for driving, but unfortunately - the practice shows that the gamepad is too little precision to safely race wheel to wheel with a live opponent.
As for joysticks, in the history of simracingu are known cases of people who used them to drive, even with success. However, the really efficient car, requires managing a large practice here and is just uncomfortable - imagine that you have to hold the joystick in his hands raised above his desk non-stop for 2 hours of the race. The prize for the person to whom no hand numbness!
Besides, I emphasize the word "history" - had simply not produced blades to the computer, so people - would not want - or build them themselves, or were using joysticks. Remember also that once the players did not know the word "multiplayer", so even if we hand twitched and wypchnęliśmy the track another player, this was not as bad for us, because ... was not a man, just a piece of computer software. It's a fundamental difference.
In addition, both the gamepad and joystick, they still have a disadvantage. If you map the X axis as the wheel, the Y axis at the same time we must assign to the gas and brake. So, leaning forward joystick add gas, and back - stops. But we can not simultaneously press the gas and brake and - as you will learn from this book - racing drivers do it routinely. Such "fusion" of gas with the brake (or "either gas or brake") is called "combined axis" and is a serious drawback of the controller. We still talk about it.

Eventually, we come to the point. In the real world, steering wheel and pedals, known mankind is the most perfect way to control the car. It is not by chance that the cars are steering wheels and pedals and not for example three buttons, knob, and a magic lever. Anyway, first cars were different and strange "patents" to drive. It was only through the evolution of structure in cars appeared steering wheel and pedals. As you know, this situation lasts for a long time and there does not appear to have a change in the near future. Steering wheel and pedals are just great invention!

In the same way, steering wheel and pedals is a gateway to the fascinating world of simracingu. Only when their use can be really decent to roam with other people.
I do not think we said this directly ... Yes, if you do not have the steering wheel, a MUST buy. Here there is no "mercy". Man, who directs the gamepad or the more the keyboard is very easy to recognize on the track and such people are kicked from the server. Not because it is a form of harassment of otherness. They simply represent a threat to others on the track.

Figure 1
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Controllers in simracing
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